WELCOME TO WiH GLOBAL (WiH) #StrongerTogether

Bring your best self

and together

we will raise the game.


WELCOME TO WiH GLOBAL (WiH) #StrongerTogether

Bring your best self

and together

we will raise the game.


Women and Ethnic Minority Representation in the Hospitality Industry

WiH Global ('WiH') stands for women in hospitality and is a global not-for-profit and best-in-class community who believe that by collaborating, we can have greater impact and raise the game to create a hospitality industry which is more diverse and inclusive. The WiH global community includes members cross-segment who Build, Fund, Operate and Advise (‘BFOA’) in hospitality. WiH is finalising announcing its global members (450 women & 50 men) across Americas, EMEA and APAC.

The curated community targets members from as many countries and companies as feasible (target 50 countries and 400 companies) to ensure discussions represent varied perspectives and the global community drives for positive change with greatest purpose and impact.

Key Pillars:

Knowledge Share



WiH has already hosted dozens of panels, initiated a mentoring programme in collaboration with WiHTL, partnered with leading global hospitality conferences to promote more diverse and inclusive panels and launched a global women’s representation survey to provide insight into women and ethnic minority representation in the industry.

After a pause to revisit our strategy and focus on the most impactful initiatives for our global community, WiH Global (WiH) is pleased to announce the following 3 initiatives will be rolled out from June-September 2023:

  • WiH online community platform
  • WiH global mentoring platform
  • Newly introduced WiH Sustainability Council

Members will be contacted prior to launch for those wishing to help lead an initiative.

We thank Bench Events and Questex for their support with our marketing efforts and representation report and all members who have contributed to WiH's growth.

Member Contribution:

To all WiH members, please reach out to inspiring colleagues in companies not yet represented as we target 50 countries and 400 companies across the industry in our community of 500 members. (See current list of countries and companies represented)

Member Summary 

Climate Positive:

Support WiH and our members on their climate positive journey. To donate please press here:

WiH Member Testimonials

'WiH Global is a non profit that does so much for women in the hospitality industry with professional development and more. They promote diversity and inclusiveness in our industry. This is one of the finest organisations for women to be a part of the hospitality industry globally. They've added a lot of value to me professionally'

'I’m really proud to be a part of this great group. Hotels and hospitality are facing one of the world’s greatest challenges. Working together we learn how to cope with challenges we’ve never faced before. Ultimately hospitality will come back strong and groups like ours can share their knowledge of how to strive, survive and thrive'

'A huge honor and an extraordinary chance to be considered for joining such an amazing and unique initiative. A great group of experts in the field with an infinite willingness to help, guide, mentor and build better experts for the future.'

'I am delighted to be a part of this initiative which aims to make hotels and hospitality better for everyone by recognising the role and contribution of women and by working to better inclusiveness and diversity for all. Great work'

'In just one year, the trajectory of WiH has been impressive. I’m thrilled to be part of a fantastic diverse network on so many levels'

'Such an important initiative for our industry and honored to be amongst such a powerful group of people from around the world'

Background and Funding:

'WiH' (initially meaning Women in Hotels) was founded by Lissa Engle (LE) in April 2020 as a means for colleagues to connect and have a sense of community during lockdown. Given growing interest in the WiH community, in October 2020, WiH changed to stand for Women in Hospitality and the non-profit ‘WiH Global' was officially formed.

LE leads WiH with the support from members and student volunteers. Her firm Berkeley Capital Group (BCG) has funded all start-up and running costs so that members can enjoy free access. To grow from strength to strength, WiH will reach out to sponsors for specific initiatives which require further capital.