Learn more about our Conference Partnerships.

WiH has partnered with leading global hospitality conferences to promote more diverse and inclusive panels and are proud to confirm we are collaborating with these 6 global conferences to work towards a minimum of 30% women representation and target of 35% in a first year and look to reach parity in the near future.

As partner to the conferences, WiH has 2 free tickets which we wish to offer to 2 inspiring young women for each conference (14 tickets in total) who would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend. You do not need to be a WiH member.

Moreover, for HDI Hotel Development & Investment Conference in Vienna, Austria, WiH Members have 20% discount on the tickets. To receive more information and discount code, please email

Who wishes to attend and would otherwise not have the opportunity? 

Please email with the conference name in subject and then clarify if you are nominating yourself/someone else followed by:

  • reason for wishing to attend
  • how you/they would share knowledge after the conference
  • how you/they would pay it forward in the industry

WiH will then announce the nominees and post your summaries of the event on LinkedIn should you wish to provide you greater exposure.